Hardly Hearts – Valentine’s Day!

The day of all things LOVE-ly is quickly approaching, and what better time to show off your creative side, than when planing the big evening. Whether you’re single (like me) or a couple, Valentine’s Day is a great day to show others how much you care about them. Translation: spend time with the ones you care about!

In a special ode to Valentine’s fun, we’ve put together 3 budget friendly activity guides to choose from. We guarantee each is as sweet and entertaining as the next, no matter what your relationship status. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

This option is great for girls who don’t have a boyfriend, but still want to celebrate the gushy holiday with their besties!


1) Pick a House:

Volunteer your place (after asking your parents of course), and host a fun traditional night with the girls. Don’t forget the heart-shaped decorations!


2) Tunes:

Every good party needs an awesome playlist! Go to songza.com and select your perfect genre or the Hot 100 playlist to get the party going. Crank the tunes to just below the point of your parents making a fuss.


3) Delicious Snacks:

Make cupcakes, cookies, or even mini cheesecakes decorated like conversation hearts. Save the baking till your girls arrive, and make kitchen time a part of the night’s festivities. For special sweet beverages, try whipping up some Cherry Cola Floats. Can’t think of anything better than vanilla ice cream and cola, topped with a cherry to toast V-Day!


4) Games:

The board game’s popularity is on the rise, check out some of my picks and see what a fun night they can make. Choose your fav game out and make it a competition. I suggest: Sounds Like a Plan, Apples to Apples, or your fav Scene It (Harry Potter, Disney, Twilight, or Marvel). If you’re anti-board games, try something like Just Dance 4 for PS3, Wii or XBox 360.


5) Prizes:

As games are always better with prizes, I would suggest little bags of candy or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could always order a Boyfriend in a Bottle to award the grand prize winner.


Don’t be predicable this Valentine’s Day! Opt for this plan, as a creative (and more fun!) alternative to the traditional dinner and a movie.


1) Meal:

Forgo the restaurants that are too expensive and the fast-food joints that are too cheap, and go to a restaurant that dishes out desserts exclusively. These specialty dessert-only restaurants are a sweet way to treat your special someone. Browse through local selections via Yelp, or, should you be in my native neck of the woods — Ottawa — be sure to check out Oh So Good.


2) Go Ice Skating:

Skating is a great way to spend some special time together while creating lasting memories. If you want to make the experience more romantic, you should try and get one of these amazing hand-holding mittens.


3) Warm Up:

Warm up the icy night by bringing a cute thermos full of hot water or milk to make cocoa on the go. And no, we didn’t forget the chocolate! Instead of stirring it all up first, try this recipe for hot chocolate on a stick to make the treat especially unique. Caution: this recipe may prove a bit ambitious for some, but should be no sweat for those who’ve baked their fair share of cupcakes. When ready to drink, simple dunk this sweet block of condensed chocolatey goodness — complete with marshmallow on top —  into your thermos to get the perfect cup of hot cocoa.



When I was in high school (and even now in university) there were always a bunch of us who just wanted to hang out together on Valentines Day — couples and singles. Though this option may seem less romantic for couples at first glance, I can assure you, there’s a hidden secret to this plan…read below.


1) Movie

There are some great movies in theatres on the 14th, which means it should be easy to find one that everyone in your group can enjoy…just avoid Safe Haven. Warm Bodies (watch the trailer here) on the other hand is a fresh comedy that is only slightly-romantic, it’s about zombies after all. This one is sure to bring fits of laughter and plenty of thrills! There’s also Beautiful Creatures — new to theatres on the 14th — a film that I predict to be pretty epic based on the trailer. (See our interview with actress, Zoey Deutch from the film here.) And as for that secret I promised…okay, so it’s true that both of these movies are great way to have fun in a group, but should you want to snuggle your special date that night, or perhaps spark up something with your secret crush, these films will provide numerous opportunities to grab the arm of the one you have your eye on.


2) Add Fun

Make the night more Valentine’s themed by bringing some crazy straws with you for your drinks. My favs are the traditional heart-shaped curly straws available at your local dollar store or you can go all-out and make mustache topper straws for a silly laugh.


3) Snazzy Popcorn

True, you’re not supposed to bring your own snacks to the theatre (we’ve all done it!), there is the option of bringing your own popcorn seasoning. While theaters usually have their own seasoning shakers, those ones tend to be full of weird chemicals no one can pronounce and are best to avoid. Instead of shaking on all that artificial flavouring, make up your own seasoning — it’s easy! I made up a seasoning just last night for some popcorn and it was crazy delicious! All you need is a seasoning shaker jar or tin from your local dollar store or Canadian Tire, and some spices to mix and match till you create your perfect flavour. Try this one for a yummy ranch seasoning. just skip the veggie oil (it’ll clump up your seasoning making it unshakable) and order your popcorn with butter instead. Butter will help the powdered seasoning stick. Remember, the more powdery the consistency of your seasoning, the better. So even though cheese may sound like a good idea, unless it’s powered parmesan, it’s best to skip it. For romantics looking to stick with a Valentine’s Day theme, I would use hot cocoa mix (yum!), or a half and half mix of powdered sugar and cinnamon. Now just time your reach into the bag of popcorn with your crush’s and you’ve got yourself some deliciously sweet movie time romance!


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